Why Peace Lily Leaves Turn Brown


Welcome to my comprehensive guide on Why Peace Lily Leaves Turn Brown, a common concern for plant enthusiasts.

If you’ve noticed your peace lily’s once vibrant green leaves gradually adopting an unsightly brown color, you’re not alone in your worries.

In this article, I will explore the potential causes behind this phenomenon, including factors such as inadequate watering, lighting issues, temperature extremes, and pest infestations.

Why Peace Lily Leaves Turn Brown

Why Are My Peace Lily Leaves Turning Brown?

It’s important to figure out first what the main problem is with your Peace Lily. It will save you time & effort and keep you from making the wrong diagnosis.


Even though watering regularly is good, you might do too much. Peace Lily can’t live in a swampy place. When the soil is too wet, a Peace Lily dies.

This makes it hard for roots to get the oxygen they need & makes it hard for plants to breathe.This can make the roots weaker & hurt them, or even make them rot.

With roots in such bad shape, the plants won’t get what they need. these things can hurt the plant’s health and make it more likely to get sick. When this happens, the leaves will wilt, curl, and even turn brown.

How To Fix:

1. First, look for these signs that a Peace Lily has had too much water :

  • When you stick your finger an inch or more into the soil & you feel too much water. Or, you can roll the dirt into a ball and squeeze water out of it.
  • Molds, fungi, and other visible microorganisms develop in both the soil & the plant
  • A bad smell coming from inside.

2. After confirmation, remove the Peace Lily from its pot with care. Using a pair of clean shears, cut away the wettest & rotting portions. Rinse the roots of the Peace Lily, transplant it, and water it gently.


Another thing that could be making your Peace Lily leaves turn brown is that they are getting too much water. Even though they can live in dry places & leaving them there for a long time will make them weak.

It happens because the way the nutrients get to the plant isn’t getting enough water. this means that the Peace Lily won’t get enough food. You are giving Peace Lily a thirst & an appetite.

How To Fix:

Find out when your Peace Lily needs water & you can get help in the following ways.

  • Stick your finger in the soil or use a moisture meter. Before you water again, the top one or two inches of the soil should be dry.
  • Tap on it. If the sound is hollow & it means that the soil is dry, but not if it is not.
  • Lift the pot with care. soil with more water tends to be heavier than soil with less water.
  • Check out the color of the soil. As the potting mix dries out & it gets lighter in color.

Pest Infestation

Pests can get into your Peace Lilies whether you grow them inside or outside. Don’t think that these small attacks won’t hurt you.

They can hurt your plants in a big way. Common bugs that feed on Peace Lily leaves are mealybugs, spider mites, aphids, & scales.

In the plant leaf, they take out the cell contents. Additionally, They create a chemical that supports fungus development. As a result, photosynthesis is inhibited &which is an issue.

How To Fix:

For mild infestation, Use any of the following methods to eliminate the insects:

  • By hand, collect the insects. this is only effective for large insects, such as mealybugs.
  • Utilize a powerful water spray to eliminate the insects.
  • The leaves are washed with a solution of mild soap & water. after doing so, thoroughly rinse them.
  • Wipe the bugs off the leaves gently. you can use a cotton dip in an alcohol solution.

Should I Cut the Brown Leaf


Rarely, though, your Peace Lily can also get sick. Pathogens that cause diseases usually grow in places that are stressful.

If the leaves on your Peace Lily are turning brown, it may have a disease. Some of these are root and petiole rot in Cylindrocladium, leaf spot caused by Alternaria, & bacterial leaf rot.

How To Treat Diseases:

Be careful to give your peace lily the preventative care it needs to avoid getting any infections.

  • Keep them in good shape. A Peace Lily that is healthy can get rid of & fight off diseases.
  • Don’t put your plant through stressful situations. Bad microorganisms can grow in soil that is dirty, too wet & doesn’t get enough light.

Should I Cut the Brown Leaf Tips off My Peace Lily Plant?

If the tips of your Peace lily are brown, you need to act right away. Even though the plant can still live if it turns brown, it means something is wrong. Most of the time, brown leaf tips are caused by too much sun, not enough water, or pests.

If the tips of the Peace lily leaves are brown but the rest of the plant is healthy, cut off the brown tips.

Cut them back to the next green leaf without hurting the plant. But if a lot of the leaves are turning brown, move it to a place with more shade.

Pests can also cause the tips of leaves to turn brown. If you see bugs on the plant, carefully pick them off and use an insecticide on the peace lily.

How To Correctly Water A Peace Lily?

Check soil moisture

Before watering, assess the moisture level by sticking your finger into the soil. Water only when the top inch of soil feels dry to the touch.

Water thoroughly

When watering, pour water evenly over the soil until it starts to come out of the drainage holes. Ensure that the entire root ball is adequately moistened.

Drain excess water

Allow any excess water to drain out completely from the saucer or pot. Avoid letting the plant sit in standing water, as it can lead to root rot.

Monitor frequency

Peace lilies prefer slightly moist soil but can tolerate slight drying between waterings. Avoid overwatering, as it can suffocate the roots.

Adjust watering according to the environment

Factors such as temperature, humidity, and lighting conditions can affect the plant’s water needs. Adjust the frequency of watering accordingly.

Why are my Peace Lily Leaves Turning Brown and Dying?

Peace lily leaves turning brown and dying can be caused by overwatering, underwatering, low humidity, excessive sunlight, or other environmental stressors.

It is important to adjust watering practices, increase humidity levels, provide suitable lighting conditions, and address any underlying issues to prevent further browning and leaf death.

Why is my Peace Lily Leaf Turning Brown?

Peace lily leaves can turn brown due to overwatering, underwatering, low humidity, excessive sunlight, fertilizer issues, pest infestation, or natural aging.

To address the problem, adjust watering habits, increase humidity levels, provide suitable lighting conditions, use appropriate fertilizers, address pest issues, and understand that some browning of older leaves is a natural process.

Peace LilyLeaves Turning Brown at Tips

Peace lily leaves turning brown at the tips can be caused by overwatering, underwatering, low humidity, direct sunlight, or fertilizer issues.

To address the problem, adjust the watering to maintain proper moisture levels, increase humidity around the plant, provide indirect light, avoid over-fertilization, and trim off the brown tips for a better appearance.

Conclusion – Why Peace Lily Leaves Turn Brown

In Conclusion, there are several things that can cause the leaves of a Peace Lily to turn brown.

Some of these reasons are too much or too little water, direct sunlight, bad air quality, pests, and fungal or bacterial infections.

Some possible solutions are to change how you water the plant, move it to a different spot, treat pests or diseases, and cut off any damaged leaves. With the right care, a Peace Lily can grow well & have thick, healthy leaves.

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FAQs – Why Peace Lily Leaves Turn Brown

Why do peace lily leaves turn brown?

There can be several reasons for peace lily leaves turning brown, including underwatering, overwatering, low humidity, exposure to direct sunlight, or the natural aging process of the leaves.

What causes underwatering to result in brown leaves?

Underwatering can cause the tips or edges of peace lily leaves to turn brown. When the plant doesn’t receive enough water, it becomes stressed, leading to dehydration and leaf discoloration.

Can overwatering lead to brown leaves on a peace lily?

Yes, overwatering can cause peace lily leaves to turn brown. When the roots sit in soggy soil for extended periods, they can become waterlogged, leading to root rot and browning of the leaves.

Does exposure to direct sunlight cause brown leaves on peace lilies?

Peace lilies prefer bright, indirect light. Direct sunlight can scorch their leaves, causing them to turn brown. It’s best to place them in a location with filtered or diffused light.

Can low humidity contribute to brown leaves on peace lilies?

Yes, low humidity levels can cause the leaf tips of peace lilies to turn brown. Peace lilies thrive in moderate to high-humidity environments, so it’s important to provide adequate moisture.

How can I prevent peace lily leaves from turning brown due to low humidity?

Increasing humidity around the plant by misting the leaves, using a humidifier, placing the plant on a tray with water and pebbles, or grouping it with other plants can help prevent brown leaf tips.

Is it normal for older leaves to turn brown on peace lilies?

Yes, it’s normal for older leaves to turn brown on peace lilies. As the plant grows, older leaves naturally age and die off, leading to browning. Regular leaf turnover is a part of the plant’s life cycle.

How can I differentiate between natural leaf aging and a problem causing brown leaves?

Natural leaf aging typically affects the oldest leaves at the bottom of the plant, while issues like underwatering, overwatering, or light exposure may cause brown spots or browning on multiple leaves.

Can use chlorinated water cause brown leaves on peace lilies?

Yes, chlorinated tap water can cause brown leaf tips on peace lilies. The chemicals in the water can be harsh on the plant’s sensitive foliage. Consider using filtered or distilled water or allowing tap water to sit overnight before watering.

Are there other factors besides watering and light that can cause brown leaves on peace lilies?

Yes, factors like nutrient deficiencies, pest infestations, improper fertilization, or physical damage to the leaves can also contribute to browning. Assess these factors if browning continues despite proper watering and lighting.

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