Why Peace Lily Flowers Turn Green


Welcome to my comprehensive guide that aims to unravel the mystery of Why Peace Lily Flowers Turn Green.

If you’ve ever been confused when you saw the flowers of your peace lily change from a beautiful white to a bright green, you’re not the only one.

In this article, I’ll explore the factors that can cause this intriguing phenomenon, including light exposure, nutrient deficiencies, and environmental conditions.

Why Peace Lily Flowers Turn Green

Why Do Peace Lily, Flowers Turn Green?

Peace lily flowers turning green is a common phenomenon and occurs when the flowers start to age and the petals begin to wilt.

Flowers turn green as they age because the flower petals quit manufacturing the white pigments that give them their color and start producing chlorophyll, the green pigment found in plants.

This is not a symptom of illness or stress but rather a normal phase of the plant’s life cycle.

Should I Cut off Peace Lily Flowers That Are Turning Green?

Yes, it is recommended to cut off peace lily flowers that are turning green as they are no longer attractive and can also interfere with the plant’s energy production and growth.

Removing the spent flowers will also encourage the plant to produce new blooms.

To cut the blossoms, cut the stem just above a node with a clean, sharp pair of scissors or pruning shears (a bump on the stem where leaves can grow).

This will encourage healthy growth in the plant and aid to prevent damage.

Are Peace Lily Flowers Turn Green as They Age?

Yes, peace lily flowers can turn green as they age. This is a normal part of the plant’s life cycle and occurs when the flowers start to wilt and stop producing the white pigments that give them their color.

Instead, They create chlorophyll, the green pigment found In leaves, which turns the blooms green.

This means that the flowers should Be taken off the plant because their life cycle is over and they will stop the plant from making more flowers.

Can too much Sunlight Turn Peace, Lily Flowers Green?

Yes, you are correct. When there is too much sunlight, Peace Lily flowers can turn green. Peace lilies do best with bright, indirect light, but they can also grow in low light.

Too much direct sunlight can burn the leaves, which makes the flowers turn green and die.

If you think your Peace Lily is getting too much sun, try moving it to a place with bright, indirect light or giving it some shade with sheer curtains or sheer shade cloth.

To ensure your Peace Lily receives the proper amount of light for optimum health and blossoming, it’s critical to monitor the amount of sunshine it receives And to move it as necessary.

Based on your plant’s development and flowering tendencies over time, you will be able to choose the optimum place for it.

Can too much Fertilizer Turn Peace, Lily Flowers Green?

Yes, overfertilizing might result in the greening of your Peace Lily’s blossoms. Although some fertilizer is necessary for Peace Lilies to grow and develop healthy flowers, too much fertilizer can result in fertilizer burn, which can turn the flowers green and make them wilt.

Use a balanced, all-purpose fertilizer and adhere to the instructions on the fertilizer packaging to avoid overfertilizing.

During the growing season, fertilize your Peace Lily every 4-6 weeks. However, during the winter, when the plant becomes dormant, lessen the frequency or stop fertilizing completely.

Also, make sure to flush the soil with water every few months to get rid of any fertilizer salts that may have built up in the soil. This will stop fertilizer burning & help plants grow well.

By adhering to these recommendations, you can make sure that your Peace Lily receives the proper dosage of fertilizer without endangering the plant or its flowers.

Improper Care and Environmental Stress

Yes, your Peace Lily’s flowers can turn green as a result of poor care and environmental stress.

Inadequate watering, exposure to temperature extremes, and fluctuations in humidity are just a few of the factors that can stress out the plant and result in wilted or discolored blossoms.

To avoid these issues and ensure that your Peace Lily receives the proper care it needs to thrive, follow these guidelines:


Water your Peace Lily consistently and keep the soil evenly moist, but not waterlogged. Allow the top inch of soil to dry out before watering again.


Warmer temperatures between 60 and 85 °F (15 and 29 °C) are preferred for peace lilies. Keep the plant away from regions with severe temperatures and draughts.


Peace Lilies prefer a humid environment and may struggle in dry indoor conditions. You can increase the humidity around your plant by placing a tray of water near it or misting the leaves regularly.


Fertilize your Peace, Lily, every 4-6 weeks during the growing season, but reduce the frequency or eliminate fertilizer altogether during the winter months when the plant goes dormant. Use a balanced, all-purpose fertilizer and follow the recommended guidelines on the package.

You can help prevent your Peace Lily’s flowers from turning green and make sure it survives By adhering to these instructions and giving them the proper care and atmosphere.

Peace Lily Flowers Turning Green Reddit

If you notice that the flowers of your peace lily are turning green, it could be due to a few reasons:


As peace lily flowers age, it is common for them to turn green. This is a natural process and not a cause for concern. Eventually, the flowers will start to wither and turn brown before they are ready to be removed.

Light exposure

Peace lilies thrive in bright, indirect light. If the plant is exposed to too much direct sunlight, the flowers may develop a green tint. Move the plant to a location with filtered or indirect light to prevent this.

Fertilizer imbalance

Using a fertilizer with a high nitrogen content can encourage more foliage growth instead of flower production. This could result in green flowers. Adjust the fertilizer regimen by using a balanced formula or one that is specifically formulated for flowering plants.

Environmental factors

Certain environmental conditions, such as high temperatures or fluctuations in temperature, can affect the coloration of peace lily flowers. Ensure the plant is kept in a stable environment with suitable temperature levels.

Do Green Peace Lily Flowers Turn White Again?

When the flowers of the peace lily are transformed from green to white, they don’t turn back white once more.

The flowers of peace lily turn from white to green within two or three weeks when the purpose of the flower is changed from attracting pollinators while it’s white, to photosynthesis after turning green.

The flowers of the peace lily turn from green to white, and then turn brown before they disappear.


In conclusion, the Peace Lily flower can turn green for several reasons, including normal aging, improper care, and environmental stress, too much sunlight or fertilizer, and variation in varieties.

Make sure to give your Peace Lily the proper quantity of light, water, temperature, humidity, and fertilizer to prevent green blossoms & to assure its success.

You can encourage your Peace Lily to produce strong, vivid flowers by giving it the right care.

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FAQs – Why Peace Lily Flowers Turn Green

Why are my peace lily flowers turning green instead of staying white?

Peace lily flowers naturally start off as white, but as they mature, they can turn green. This is a normal process and does not indicate any problems with the plant.

Does the change in flower color indicate a deficiency in the plant?

No, the change in color is not a sign of deficiency. It is simply a natural progression in the life cycle of the peaceful lily flowers.

How long does it take for peaceful lily flowers to turn green?

The transition from white to green can vary depending on the individual plant, but it typically occurs within a few weeks after the flowers have fully bloomed.

Are there any factors that can speed up or delay the color change?

Environmental factors such as light intensity and temperature can influence the speed of the color change in peaceful lily flowers. Higher light levels and warmer temperatures may accelerate the process

Can I prevent my peace lily flowers from turning green?

The change in color is a natural part of the peace lily’s life cycle, and it cannot be prevented. However, you can enjoy the white flowers for a longer period by removing the green ones as they appear.

Are there any benefits to allowing the flowers to turn green?

While green peace lily flower may not be as visually striking as white ones, they can add a touch of greenery to your plant and contribute to its overall aesthetic appeal.

Do green peace lily flowers require different care than white ones?

No, the care requirements for green flowers are the same as for white flowers. Continue to provide your peace lily with adequate light, water, and humidity to keep it healthy.

Will the flowers ever turn white again after they have turned green?

Once the peace lily flower has turned green, it will remain green until they naturally wilt and die. However, new flowers will continue to emerge, providing you with the opportunity to enjoy white blooms again.

Can I propagate peace lilies from green flowers?

Yes, you can still propagate peace lilies from green flower. Wait for the flower to mature fully and develop green berries, which contain seeds. Collect the seeds and follow proper propagation techniques to grow new plants.

Should I remove the green flowers from my peace lily?

It is a matter of personal preference. If you prefer the plant to have only white flowers, you can remove the green ones. However, leaving them on the plant won’t harm its overall health.

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