How to Revive a Peace Lily


The peace lily is a popular houseplant that is known for its beautiful white flowers and ability to purify the air.

However, even with the best care, a peace lily can start to droop and lose its vibrant color.

If you’re struggling to keep your peace lily healthy, this article is for you. I’ll provide you with a comprehensive guide on How to Revive a Peace Lily and bring it back to life.

How to Revive a Peace Lily

How to Revive a Peace Lily?

Check the Soil

The first step in reviving a peace lily is to check the soil. If the soil is too dry, the plant will start to droop and may even wilt. To check the soil, stick your finger into the soil about an inch deep. If the soil feels dry, it’s time to water your peace lily.

Water the Plant

Once you’ve determined that your peace lily needs water, it’s time to give it a good drink. Fill a watering can with room temperature water and water the plant until the water starts to drain out the bottom of the pot. Be careful not to overwater your peace lily as this can lead to root rot.

Trim the Brown Leaves

If your peace lily has brown leaves, it’s time to trim them. Use a sharp pair of scissors to remove the brown leaves at the base of the stem. This will help your peace lily focus its energy on growing new leaves and flowers.

Provide Adequate Light

Peace lilies prefer bright, indirect light. If your plant is not getting enough light, it may start to droop and lose its vibrant color. Move your peace lily to a brighter location, but be careful not to expose it to direct sunlight as this can burn the leaves.

Fertilize the Plant

To help your peace lily grow new leaves and flowers, it’s important to fertilize the plant. Use a balanced fertilizer, such as a 20-20-20 fertilizer, and follow the instructions on the label. Fertilize your peace lily once a month during the growing season, which is typically from spring to fall.

How to Revive a Peace Lily after Repotting?

To bring back a peace lily following Repot, make sure you be sure to water it well, provide it with bright, but indirect light.

Keep temperatures that are warm and humid and wait a few weeks before fertilizing and remain patient as the plant adapts to its new surroundings.

How to Revive a Peace Lily That Got Too Cold?

In the event that your peace lily became to cold and shivering, it might start showing signs of stress, such as dying leaves, yellowing, and slowing growth.Here are some suggestions to revive a peace lily which has been too cold

  • Transfer it to a warmer Place: Peace lilies love temperatures that range from 68degF to 85degF (20degC to 29degC) therefore, relocate your plant into a warmer place away from drafts and cold air.
  • Check the Soil: The soil is not overwatered. or submerging can stress the peace lily. Therefore, examine the soil’s moisture. In the event that your soil appears damp, allow it to dry before watering again. When the soil becomes dry, you can water the plant thoroughly , but avoid excessive watering.
  • Remove damaged leaves: The peace lily has turned yellow or damaged leaves, it is possible to cut them off to allow the plant to conserve energy and focus on fresh growth.
  • Enhance Humidity: Lilies like high humidity, so boost the level of humidity around your plant with misting leaves or placing the tray of water close by.
  • Fertilize sparingly: Fertilize your peace lily with an organic fertilizer that is balanced to stimulate new growth however, avoid fertilizing too much since this could damage the plant.

By following these suggestions to help you bring back a peace lily that has become too cold and help it to flourish and grow.

How to Revive a Peace Lily with Root Rot?

To bring back a peace lily suffering from root rot, remove the affected leaves, examine the roots, and trim any dead or damaged roots.

Then, plant the plant in clean well-drained soil, use water sparingly and raise the humidity.

How Do You Bring A Droopy Peace Lily Back To Life?

There are various actions you may take to revive your wilting peace lily, including:

  • Dehydration is the primary cause of peace lily drooping, so water it. Give the plant plenty of water, and then allow the extra water run off into the pot.
  • Check the soil’s moisture. Avoid allowing the soil to totally dry out in between waterings since peace lilies prefer a little moisture in the soil.
  • Change the lighting since peace lilies are sensitive to direct sunlight but like bright, indirect light. The plant may wilt if it receives too much light. If required, move the plant to a more shaded area.
  • In order to increase humidity, think about putting a humidifier nearby or sprinkling the plant with water. Peace lilies prefer high humidity levels.
  • Fertilize occasionally; peace lilies flourish from it. Use a balanced fertilizer and adhere to the directions on the container.
  • Repotting may be required if the peace lily’s roots are confined or the soil is compacted. Observe the repotting procedures I outlined in my earlier response.

Your peace lily should heal and flourish with the right care and attention.

How To Revive Peace Lilies With Sunburnt Brown Spots?

To bring back a peace lily that has brown spots from sunburn take these steps:

  • Transfer the plant to a cooler and more shaded place far towards direct light.
  • Remove dead or damaged leaves with clean and sharp pruners or scissors.
  • It is important to water the plant frequently Be careful not to overwater since this can cause root decay. Let the top inch soil to dry prior to applying water again.
  • Increase the amount of humidity within the plants by misting the plant with water, or by placing an ice tray near.
  • It is recommended to apply diluted fertilizer each month to aid in the recovery of the plant.
  • Keep an eye on the plant and maintain it until you see new growth.

By following these steps the peace lily will start to heal and develop healthy, new leaves.

How To Revive Peace Lily with Yellow Leaves?

To bring back a peace lily with yellow leaves Follow these steps:

  • Transfer the plant to a spot that has the bright indirect light.
  • Water the plant every week or until the soil’s top layer appears dry to the surface.
  • Increase the amount of humidity surrounding the plant, by spraying the plant with water or putting an ice tray near.
  • Remove any brown or yellow leaves with clean and sharp cutting tools or shears for pruning.
  • Fertilize the plant using the fertilizer in diluted form once a month to encourage growth.
  • Keep an eye On the plant and ensure that you take care of it until a new growth begins to appear.

By following these steps your peace lily is likely to be able to recuperate and produce healthy, new leaves.

ConclusionHow to Revive a Peace Lily

With the right care, a Peace Lily can thrive and add beauty to any home . By following the steps outlined in this article, you can revive your peace lily and bring it back to its former glory.

Remember to check the soil, water the plant, trim the brown leaves, provide adequate light, and fertilize the plant. With a little bit of effort, your peace lily will be thriving in no time.

FAQsHow to Revive a Peace Lily

Why is my peace lily dying?

Peace lilies are susceptible to dying because of a variety of causes like overwatering, drowning insufficient sunlight, exposed to drafts of cold and insects.

How do I know if my peace lily is dead or just dormant?

If the leaves of the peace lily are brown or yellow, and the stems appear limp and wilted it is likely to be dead. If, however, the plant is dormant and its roots are active, it could be revitalized.

How often should I water my peace lily?

Peace lilies like well-drained soil, but excessive watering can lead to root decay. The plant should be watered once a week or until the soil’s top inch appears dry to the surface.

Can I revive a peace lily with brown tips on the leaves?

Yes it is possible to revive a peace lily that has brown tips on its leaf by cutting off the leaves affected and giving it the adequate treatment.

Should I fertilize my peace lily when trying to revive it?

It’s recommended to not fertilize the plant until it is beginning to recover. If new growth starts to emerge then you can begin fertilizing using a dilute fertilizer every each month.

How do I revive a peace lily with yellow leaves?

Revivify a peace lily by giving it yellow leaves by supplying it with direct, bright sunlight, regular watering and increasing the amount of humidity surrounding the plant.

Can a peace lily recover from root rot?

If it’s caught early enough the peace lily may overcome root rot through trimming the affected roots and then repotting the plant with fresh soil.

What kind of soil is best for a peace lily?

Peace lilies love a soil that drains well which is high of organic material. Choose a potting mix which includes perlite, peat moss and vermiculite.

Can I propagate a peace lily to revive it?

Absolutely, it is possible to grow the peace lily by cutting plants into smaller parts and repotting them into fresh soil.

How do I increase the humidity around my peace lily?

You can boost the humidity around your peace flower by misting it with water, putting the plant in a water tray or making use of an air humidifier.

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