How to Propagate Peace Lily


Are you looking for how to propagate peace lilies? If you’re an experienced plant lover or just beginning to learn growing a peace lily is a rewarding and enjoyable procedure that lets you cultivate more gorgeous flowers.

I’ll walk through various ways of propagating peace lily, which includes stem cuttings and division as well as steps for how to accomplish it.

When you’re done reading this post, you’ll be equipped with all the information and confidence you will require to successfully grow your peace lily to grow an impressive collection.

So, let’s start by learning to propagate Peace Lily!

How to Propagate Peace Lily

Dividing A Peace Lily

Even though you can sometimes grow a peace lily from stem cuttings, the division is by far the most common way to do it.

Because each section has its own root system, it’s easy and quick. This means you don’t have to do the step of getting the stem cuttings ✂️ to grow roots.

You have a beautiful peace lily, but you’d want a couple more. What do you do? Observing the base of your plant reveals that this aroid has a clumping growth habit.

A healthy Spathiphyllum grows horizontally, sprouting young branches alongside the mother plant.

These stems can be divided. Here’s how to proceed:

  • Take your peace lily out of its pot and gently brush away any extra soil. to see your options.
  • At this point, some of the shoots may already be starting to separate. Great! This way, you don’t have to make any cuts, which lowers the chance of getting an infection & rotting.
  • If everything is stuck together, clean a knife with rubbing alcohol & cut vertically through the base and root ball to separate the clumps.
  • Make sure each piece has its own roots. If they don’t, it’s not the end of the world & but rooted clumps will grow back much more quickly.

I’ll show you how to cultivate the peace lily parts you bought in the next few lines. Don’t worry, it’s easy.


In general, spring or summer is the best time to start new plants inside. It will still work in the winter, but cuttings & clumps will take much longer to grow because the temperatures are lower and there is less light.

How To Propagate Peace Lily In Water?

If you accidentally broke off a clump of peace lily from the mother plant and it doesn’t have its own roots, you can try to grow it in water. It will grow roots faster this way than in soil & you can see if it’s doing well.

To cultivate a peace lily in water, all you need is a plant cutting and a glass or vase of the appropriate size.

Place the peace lily so that just the bottom is submerged in distilled or tap water. Place everything in a well-lit area and be patient.

As long as the peace lily portion has at least one growth point, it will root. During the vigorous growth months of summer, this can be completed in as little as a week or two.

In the winter, it may take considerably longer. After the plant’s roots are an inch or two long, you may repot it.

How To Propagate Peace Lily In Soil?

As you’ve probably concluded at this point, propagating peace lily in the soil is just the easiest way to go about things in most cases.

sections are usually already rooted, so they can continue growing just fine in a planter of their own.

Always choose a pot with a hole in the bottom to let water out. I like to grow plants in plastic nursery planters because they drain water quickly & don’t dry out as fast as terracotta.

Your new peace lilies won’t need anything too complicated for soil. Normal potting soil for indoor plants can be mixed with 25% perlite or bark to make a mixture that is light and drains well.

Some people also add a little coco coir, sphagnum moss, or peat to help the soil hold more water.

Plant the pieces carefully and lightly wet the soil. There’s no need to drown the plants because their root systems will be a little off for a few weeks because they moved.

The leaves may appear droopy until plants adjust to taking in less water.

Don’t worry! Once new hair roots have had a chance to grow. They’ll regrow. Spathiphyllum spreads successfully when fresh leaves appear on the young plants.

Peace Lily Stem Cuttings

Most peace lily propagation manuals suggest that stem cuttings cannot use to propagate this plant.

Although you will seldom be able to or even choose to accomplish this, it is technically possible in certain circumstances.

See, mature peace lilies finally develop a stalk above the ground. So you may cut one in half, root the top and plant it.

In most cases, the butchered bottom portion will grow back, albeit it will first appear somewhat dejected. Despite its ineffectiveness, I’ll mention it.

Peace Lily Care

Peace lilies are simple plants which thrive indoors. To take care of peace lily, place it in well-drained soil and ensure it is in a bright spot far from direct sun.

Be sure to water the plant carefully at times when the soil is dry. Add enough water to keep it moist but not so much that it will cause standing water. Spray the leaves multiple times per week using spray bottles.

Peace lilies are susceptible to chlorine, which is why it’s ideal to use distillate waters or to let the tap water stand out for a night before using it.

Fertilize the plant every month in the summer and spring months during the time when it’s most active.

You can use an average 20-20-20 home fertilizer for plants at half or one-quarter of its recommended strength.

Conclusion – How to Propagate Peace Lily

In conclusion, Peace lily propagation can be a fun and rewarding way to grow more of these beautiful plants and improve your gardening skills at the same time.

If you follow the steps in this guide, you can successfully spread peace lilies either by dividing them or by cutting off their stems.

Be patient and give your new plants the care and attention they need to grow well. You may quickly amass a lovely collection of peace lilies in your house or yard with some diligent practice.

FAQs – How to Propagate Peace Lily

What is peace lily propagation?

Peace propagation of lilies is the process of multiplying or reproducing peace lily plant species using various methods, including the division of stems, cutting of branches or propagation of seeds.

What is the best time to propagate peace lily?

The ideal time to start propagating peace lily is in the spring and summer seasons when the plant is in full bloom.

How do I propagate peace lily through division?

To increase the number of peace lilies through division, gently lift the plant from its pot, and break the root ball up into small pieces with at minimum two to three leaves as well as some strong roots. After that, each section should plant in its own pot, containing new soil.

How do I propagate peace lily through stem cuttings?

It can take anywhere from 4 to 6 weeks for peace lily cuttings to enlarge.

How long does it take for peace lily cuttings to root?

Peace lily plants newly propagated must be kept in a moist and warm space with bright indirect sunlight. It is recommended to water the plant when the soil is dry to the point of contact.

How do I care for newly propagated peace lily plants?

The peace lily is not able to propagate through an individual leaf cutting. It is only able to propagate via cuttings of the stem or division.

How do I know if my peace lily propagation was successful?

You’ll know that the peace lily propagation process was successful when you notice new growth sprouting out of the cutting, or split section. The new growth is a sign it has rooted successfully and is now ready to expand independently.

How often should I water newly propagated peace lily plants?

Peace lily plants that have propagate are best watered if the soil feels dry to the surface. Overwatering can cause root rot as well as other problems.

Can I propagate peace lily in water?

It is true that peace lily is able to cultivate in water. Simply put the cut stem into a glass jar in a manner that ensures that the water is able to cover the stem’s bottom. Refresh the water every couple of days to avoid it becoming stagnant.

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