Are Peace Lily Poisonous to Cats


The Peace Lily is a beautiful and popular houseplant with beautiful white flowers and bright green leaves. But for people who own cats this plant could be very dangerous for their pets.

Peace Lily is very poisonous to cats and can cause a number of health problems if eaten. You should recognize the dangers of common houseplants and protect your cat.

In this article, I will discuss the risks of Peace Lilies for cats, including poisoning symptoms and what to do if your cat ingests the plant.

Are Peace Lily Poisonous to Cats

Why Are Peace Lilies Poisonous to Cats?

The Pet Poison Hotline says that the calcium oxalate crystals in the Mauna Loa Plant, which is also called a “Peace Lily,” can hurt cats.

The crystals are released when your cat chews on the stems or even the leaves of this plant. When the crystals start to get into the cat’s tissues, they can hurt the cat.

The plant can hurt you even if you don’t eat it. Just being in the cat’s mouth, can cause very painful damage. Even though the Peace Lily is a little bit dangerous for cats, it isn’t as dangerous as some other types of lilies and like daylilies.

Even though the Peace Lily isn’t a real lily, Its poisons can’t hurt your cat’s liver or kidneys. Still, you should always keep any kind of lily away from your cats.

Signs and Symptoms of Peace Lily Poisoning in Cats

The ASPCA says to look for the following signs that your cat has eaten parts of a Peace Lily.

  • Drooling
  • Vomiting
  • Pawing at his mouth
  • It seems like the cat’s mouth is burning
  • A decrease in appetite

If your cat keeps rubbing his paw on his face and around his mouth, this is the best sign that he has eaten some of your Peace Lily. The cat will also show more signs that it is in pain & is not comfortable.

There is a chance that his lips, mouth and tongue will also be noticeably enlarge. It is advisable to simply remove any dangerous plants from your house to ensure the safety of your kitty & canine companions.

Tips for Preventing Cats from Eating Peace Lilies

The simplest approach to prevent cats from eating Peace Lilies is, of course, to avoid growing them. You may also ensure that your Peace Lilies are well out of reach of your pet companion.

There are several ways to keep your cat away from your Peace Lilies. Some are discussed below.

  • Cats dislike the aroma of coffee and are repulsed by citrus, so adding coffee grounds & orange peels to the soil can deter them from destroying the plant.
  • Put gravel in the soil of your plant to prevent your cat from digging in it. Plants containing mint, citrus, rosemary, or lavender can be kept near your Peace Lilies, as cats dislike the odours of these plants as well.
  • If all else fails, keep a spray bottle of water nearby to use whenever your cat approaches the Peace Lilies. As cats dislike being splashed with water, this should deter them from eating the plant.

These are merely suggestions, so keep the Peace Lilies away from your pet for optimal effects.

What Is the Treatment for Peace Lily Poisoning?

Although Peace Lilies are mildly toxic however, you still need to aware should your pet exposeto any of the plants.

If your cat eats a little of this herb, the pain usually goes away within a few hours.

Try giving your cat a tiny quantity of yoghurt and chilled milk to ease the burning. You may also be able to prevent going to the veterinarian.

Be sure to not feed your pet lots of dairy products because it can cause diarrhea and make your pet’s discomfort worse.

For safety, make vet visits right away. Make sure you carry a tiny piece of the plant to ensure that your vet is able to confirm. that it’s a Peace Lily and administer treatment in the event of need.

Conclusion – Are Peace Lily Poisonous to Cats

In conclusion, Peace Lily is Poisonous to Cats, So they should not eat Peace Lilies. When cats eat the plant, the calcium oxalate crystals in it can make their mouth, tongue, and throat sore and swell up.

Poisoning causes people to drool, throw up, have trouble swallowing, and paw at their mouths.

Swelling can make breathing difficult and even life-threatening. If your cat ate a Peace Lily, take them to the vet immediately.

FAQs – Are Peace Lily Poisonous to Cats

Are peace lilies toxic to cats?

Yes, peace lilies can toxic to cats if they are consume.

What makes peace lilies poisonous to cats?

Peace lilies are a source of calcium oxalate crystals that could cause irritation in the mouth and excessive drooling. They can also cause vomiting and trouble swallowing when they are consume by cats.

What should I do if my cat eats a peace lily?

If you suspect your cat ate an invasive peace lily, consult a veterinarian immediately. The signs can show up quickly and may be life-threatening if untreated.

Can cats still be around peace lilies if they don’t eat them?

It is best to ensure that peace lilies are away from the reach of cats even if they don’t consume them. Leaves, pollen and even the flowers could cause skin irritation as well as some allergic reactions.

Are all parts of the peace lily plant toxic to cats?

Yes, every part of the plant including the leaves stem, flowers and roots, are contaminate with calcium Oxalate crystals.

Are peace lilies toxic to other pets besides cats?

Yes, peace lilies can also poisonous to dogs as well as other pets, if they are eaten.

Can peace lilies be harmful to humans?

Yes, they can cause skin irritations as well as other allergic reactions in humans when they are in contact with the sap of the plant or pollen.

Are there any non-toxic alternatives to peace lilies for pet-friendly households?

There are many plants that are non-toxic and suitable for pets, such as bamboo, spider plants along with African violets.

How can I keep my cat from eating my peace lily?

It’s recommend to ensure that peace lilies are out cat’s reach, either by putting them in a place that is unaccessible to cats. making use of a physical barrier for example, hanging them from a stand or planter.

How can I tell if my cat has ingested a peace lily?

The signs of poisoning caused by peace lily in cats are gum irritations, excessive salivary nausea, difficulty swallowing and a decreased appetite. If you observe any of these signs take immediate action to see a vet.

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